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The mission of the Oregon City School Board of Education is to maintain a safe and secure learning environment that provides all students with the opportunity to obtain the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to be successful in the 21st century.

This mission is accomplished through:

Accountability:  We will establish clear goals, measure progress, be transparent, and take responsibility for the results.

Leadership:  We will be leaders that set the direction of the district, articulate the district’s vision to the community, and empower our staff and administration to fulfill their roles and responsibilities.

Teamwork:  We will work together as a board in carrying out the business of the district in an efficient and effective manner.

Advocacy:  We will be advocates for our schools and support the good work being done throughout the district.

Collaboration:  We will support excellence in education in partnership with staff, parents, community, civic organizations, and local government.

2012 GOALS

Develop a District plan to systematically improve student performance and accelerate academic achievement for all students which is both educationally sound and economically feasible.

Develop a three-year and a five-year instructional technology plan that integrates curriculum.

Develop a District-wide, three-year cost savings plan.

Develop a positive public image of Oregon City Schools.