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The duties of the Superintendent are broad and general in nature.  Many of the duties for which the Superintendent is responsible may be delegated to other staff members.  Such delegation of responsibility must be done within a well-organized plan, a "division of labor."  Specific duties of the Superintendent can be listed as follows:

1. The Superintendent shall serve as the executive officer of the Oregon Board of Education and he/she shall be charged with the responsibility for implementing the policies of the Oregon Board of Education.  He/she shall be directly responsible to the Board.

2. He/she shall, in cooperation with other staff members, prepare the agenda for each meeting.

3. He/she shall attend all Board meetings, except when his contract is being considered, and participate in all deliberations of the Board when such deliberations do not involve his/her employment.

4. He/she shall prepare the school calendar.

5. He/she shall direct and assign teachers and other employees of the schools under his/her supervision.

6. He/she shall assign the pupils of the school district to the proper grades and schools; however, the assignment of a pupil to a district other than that of the pupil's residence must be approved by the Board of Education of the latter district.  Areas of attendance shall be determined and published by July 1 of each year.

7. He/she shall recommend teachers, principals, directors, supervisors, and other personnel to the Board for employment.

8. He/she shall issue Age and Schooling Certificates to children attending local schools.

9. He/she shall grant excuses from attendance for children of compulsory school age in the school district under the conditions prescribed by the statutes.

10. He/she shall forward information to the Superintendent of schools of the district to which a child moves.

11. He/she shall certify to the Superintendent of Public Instruction the reports required by that department.

12. He/she shall distribute all materials, school laws, and documents to the various schools under his/her jurisdiction as required by the Superintendent of Public Instruction.

13. He/she shall administer the schools in conformity with the adopted policies of the Board of Education and the rules and regulations of the State Department of Education and in accordance with the Ohio Law.

14. He/she shall develop administrative principles and procedures for implementing Board policies.

15. He/she, with the staff, shall provide a continuous appraisal of all policies originating with the Board of Education.

16. He/she shall recommend employees for appointment, demotion, transfer, or dismissal in accordance with the policies of the Board.

17. He/she shall maintain, or cause to be maintained, personnel files of all personnel.

18. He/she shall prepare or cause to be prepared by committee assistance and submit to the Board for approval the several courses of study and curricula to be offered in the schools of the district.

19. He/she shall select and recommend for adoption all textbooks and supplementary materials.  In the selection of such textbooks and in the preparation of the various courses of study, he/she shall have the cooperation of other officers of instruction and of such special committees of teachers, principals, supervisors, and representatives from student and community groups as he/she may appoint.

20. He/she shall direct, with the cooperation of an appropriate committee or committees, the formulation and/or the revision of salary schedules within the financial resources of the school district, and then he/she shall make recommendations regarding the adoption of revised schedules to the Board of Education.

21. He/she shall keep the Board of Education appraised of conditions, financial and instructional, within the district and he/she shall plan for the future through continuous research and evaluation of activities within and without the district.

22. He/she shall assist in the preparation of the annual budget and appropriations.

23. He/she, along with the Board's legal advisor, shall represent the Oregon Board of Education in the purchasing of school sites and in all other legal matters.

24. He/she, along with the architect, shall supervise the construction of new buildings and additions.  In planning such new construction, it is recommended that staff/community advisory committee assistance be utilized whenever feasible.

25. He/she shall assign the salaries according to the appropriate salary schedule for the employees.

26. He/she shall direct the keeping of the membership records as required by law.

27. He/she shall perform such other duties as may be determined by the Board of Education and/or required by law.

28. He/she shall serve as a direct line of communication between the Board of Education and the staff.

29. He/she shall be required to live within the Oregon City School District within one year of employment.