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The following duties of the Treasurer are set forth in the Ohio Revised Code:

1. In every school district the Treasurer of the Board shall be the Treasurer of the school funds.  No monies of a school district shall be paid out except on a check signed by the Treasurer.  If the Treasurer is incapacitated in such manner that he is unable to sign checks, the Board may appoint an officer of the school district to sign such checks in the capacity of the Treasurer.

2. All monies received by a Treasurer of a school district (or his designated representative) from any source whatsoever shall be immediately placed by him in a depository designated by the Board of such school district.

3. The Treasurer is responsible for the safekeeping of all securities or certificates of deposits acquired by him.  The Treasurer is to collect the interest earned on any deposits and investments and credit it to the proper fund and the monies shall be treated as public monies.  The Treasurer may require that depositories execute and deliver to him surety bonds in the amount of the uninsured portion of the public deposits.  If, for any reason, a depository in a school district ceases to act as custodian of the school district, all monies of such school district shall be placed in the custody of the Treasurer until another depository is provided for such monies.  Thereupon the Treasurer shall place such monies in the depository.

4. All the duties and obligations of the county auditor, county Treasurer, or other officer or person relating to the monies of a school district shall be complied with by dealing with the Treasurer of the Board thereof.

5. The Treasurer of the Board of Education shall:

A. Establish funds on the cash journal and keep an account of all school funds of the district upon such forms as are prescribed and approved by the Auditor of State.
B. Receive all vouchers for payments and disbursements made to and by the Board and preserve such vouchers for a period of ten years unless copied or reproduced in accordance with law.
C. Issue payroll check(s).  The Treasurer shall deduct from the wages and salaries of teachers such amounts for political organizations and parties for nonpartisan issues as the teacher by written authorization may demand.  He shall transmit any amount so deducted as authorization may direct and shall deduct from the amount to be transmitted a uniform amount determined by the Board to be necessary to defray the actual cost of making such deduction.
D. Render a statement to the Board and Superintendent, monthly, or more often if required, showing:
  - The revenues and receipts from whatever sources derived,
  - The various appropriations made by the Oregon Board of Education, the expenditures and disbursements there from, the purposes thereof, and the balances remaining in each appropriation and,
  - The assets and liabilities of the school district.
E. At the end of the fiscal year such statement shall be a complete exhibit of the financial affairs of the school district which may be published and distributed with the approval of the Board.
F. Upon request, provide the principal or other chief administrator of any nonpublic school located within the school district's territory with an account of the monies received by the district under division (P) of Section 3317.024 ORC as reported to the district's Board in the Treasurer's most recent monthly (financial) statement.
G. As fiscal officer must prepare an annual financial statement for the preceding fiscal year, a copy of which must be filed with the Auditor of State ninety days after the close of the fiscal year, and cause this report to be published in a newspaper of general circulation in the school district.
H. Serves as a member of the school district records commission along with the Superintendent and President of the Board.
I. The Treasurer is responsible for signing:
   - Certificate of availability
   - Certificate of resources (also Superintendent and Oregon Board of Education  President).
   - The Treasurer as fiscal officer is required to encumber appropriations and complete certification.  The Treasurer may not delegate to another the authority to certify contract or order for expenditures pursuant to ORC 5705.41(D) and 5705.412.
     - The Treasurer and Superintendent must certify the accuracy of all required reports which contain information necessary for calculation of state funding (ORC 3301.07(I).
     - Certificate of maximum maturity for proposed improvements.
     - Certificate of estimated life/usefulness.
     - Certify transcript with bonds to purchaser.
     - Certificate of amount available for expenditure (also notes unpaid and outstanding expenses).

6. Serves as Secretary of the Board of Education

A. The Treasurer shall record the proceedings of each meeting in a book to be provided by the Board for that purpose.  After approval of the minutes by the Board, the President shall sign the record and the Treasurer shall attest it.  The Treasurer may not delegate to any employee the duty to record, transcribe or attest to the minutes of each Board meeting as required by ORC 3313.26.
B. The Treasurer shall open, read, and enter in full on the records of the Board all bids submitted for building, repairing, enlarging, demolishing, or furnishing a schoolhouse, or making improvements or repairs exceeding $15,000.
C. When bids on bonds have been tabulated, the Treasurer determines the best bid.
D. The Treasurer shall notify the Board of elections of all changes in the boundaries of the school district - in writing and contain a plat clearly showing all boundary changes not later than ten days after the change of boundaries becomes effective.
E. Conveyances made by the Board shall be executed by the President and Treasurer thereof.
F. The Treasurer may conduct auction of property for the Board.
G. Process in all suits against a Board shall be by summons which shall be served by leaving a copy thereof with the Treasurer or President of the Board.