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Flyer 2
Welcome to OCS FLYER Distribution Center
OCS is making available this new Flyer Distribution Center with the purpose of communicating school and community information in a centralized location.  
OCS Affiliated Activities:
Posted 5/12/16    CHAFA
Posted 8/14/17    Clay Soccer Under the Lights
Non-OCS Sponsored Activities:

Posted 2/7/17      Cartridge Recycling Program
Posted 3/16/17    Toledo Villa FC/Pacesetter Socer Club Training Academy
Posted 7/25/17    2017 YMCA Soccer
Posted 7/25/17    2017 YMCA Flag Football
Posted 7/25/17    2017 YMCA Volleyball
Posted 8/8/17     Shellhammer Meinke Memorial Run
Posted 8/11/17   Clay Youth Volleyball League