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Dean Sandwisch

Director of Business Affairs

(419) 693-0661ext.3288


The office of Business Operations is led by Dean Sandwisch, Director of Business Affairs and our primary focus to operate our district in the most cost effective manner possible.  The responsibilities of this office include custodial/maintenance, food service, transportation, insurance, utilities, improvements, safety, and all areas of opperation not directly associated with teaching and learning.  



Alternative Energy:       Oregon City Schools is progressive when it comes to working with alternative energies.  With combined wind power of 1.1 megawatts produced by three wind turbines, the district was already leading the nation in energy production but add to that total 450 kilowatts of solar (162 kWh at Jerusalem and 288 kWh at Starr) and Oregon truly is a trail blazer in alternative electricity produced and consumed.

The solar arrays at both Starr and Jerusalem Elementary Schools will be fully operational in time for the summer sun; producing an average of 71% of the energy used in those buildings. 

Choosing the right alternative, alternative energy that is, was based on the options available and the saving potential for the district.  Solar arrays were the best selection as the district simply purchases electricity produced at a rate 24% less than our current rate. 

This project absolutely follows the “E” Principle where these types of initiatives have to make sense Economically, Educationally and Environmentally.  Our community benefits when we pay less for electricity.  Our students benefit as they experience first-hand the math, science, and social studies of alternative energy production.  And, our planet benefits as we produce clean, renewable electricity.

LED Lighting:This technology is the game changer in savings whose time has come.  The combination of more mature technology and the reduction in cost, makes this the next big project for Oregon City Schools.  Fassett Junior High School is nearly complete with LED, scheduled to be totally complete by the summer of 2017, with the rest of the district scheduled to be installed over time.  This project, once installed, is expected to pay for itself within two years and the savings to the general fund anticipated to be in excess of $100,000 per year.

This investment in our infrastructure is just another way Oregon City Schools is demonstrating good stewardship of the tax dollars entrusted to us.  We will continue to look for ways to run our district as efficiently as possible.  


Permanent Improvement projects will focus on true need items such as repairs to roof, asphalt, HVAC units, aging plumbing fixtures, doors, etc. in addition to the continuation of the lighting project mentioned above.  The major bid project for this year is the steel portion of the new press box, scheduled to be fully complete by the 2017 football season.  This project marks a first in that it is a donor funded/supported $200,000 project whose coordination falls on Oregon City Schools.  The press box project is excitingly complex as nearly 20 donor efforts will be coordinated to construct a beautifully designed building, which will serve our athletes and community well for a long, long time.




An October 22, 1986, President Reagan signed the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA, Public Law 99-519).  The act required the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to develop regulations for addressing asbestos in public and private elementary and secondary schools.  On October 30, 1987, the EPA published the Asbestos-Containing Materials in Schools Rule (40 CFR Part 763 Subpart E).  This rule stipulated, and our district has complied with, the following key requirements:

  • Identification of asbestos-containing materials in all school buildings.
  • Development and implementation of asbestos management plans for each school.
  • Regular surveillance and reinspections of the condition of asbestos in the buildings.
  • Designation and training of a person to oversee asbestos activities within the district and to ensure compliance with the regulations.

This memorandum is to advise you that asbestos management plans for the district schools were developed following the EPA ruling.  These plans are regularly updated and are available for you to review. 

Should you have any questions regarding this program or would like to review an asbestos management plan, please contact the Board of Education offices during normal business hours.