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Tamara Hughes
(419) 693-0665, ext. 2044



One of the strenths of our school community is the diversity of our student population.  Students come to our schools with varied backgrounds, academic strengths, and wide-ranging talents.  Oregon City Schools is committed to providing relevent and rigorous instruction to students that enables them to reach their potential and achieve success.

Students identified as gifted and talented require specially designed instruction.  These students possess superior skills in the areas of cognitive ability, academic achievement, creativity, and the visual and performing arts.  While the district utilizes both acceleration and enrichment to meet the academic needs of these students, specific attention is paid to meeting their social-emotional needs, as well.  These strategies are implemented in several different instructional settings.  Most of our students receive a great deal of their instruction in general education classrooms in which teachers differentiate their instruction to meet the needs of all students.  As the district moves to incorporate more standards-based instructional practices, students are able to move more fluidly through the curriculum.  Some students accelerate through the curriculum by receiving subject area instruction in general education classrooms above their current grade level and still others receive appropriately challenging instruction in a classroom or course specifically designed for gifted learners. These classrooms are listed below.

GT 4th Grade Cognitive Classroom - Jerusalem
GT 5th/6th LA Classroom - Eisenhower
GT 7th/8th Grade LA Classroom - Fassett

If you have any questions about our services for students identified as gifted and talented, please call Ms. Hughes at the number above or drop her an email.  She'll be happy to answer your questions and provide assistance.