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Philosophy of Education

The Oregon City School District recognizes certain students possess superior skills in the areas of cognitive ability, academic achievement, creativity, and the visual and performing arts. These students require services beyond those ordinarily provided by the regular school program. These special education services shall meet both the individual needs of the student and ultimately the needs of society at large. Through the support and understanding of the school staff, community, and board of education, these special services shall provide for the development of each student's special abilities, social responsibility, and humanity.

Program Goals and Objectives
  1. To challenge gifted children through an educational program which provides an appropriate blend of acceleration and enrichment.
  2. To assist the classroom teacher in meeting the needs of gifted children in the regular classroom.
  3. To provide support for parents challenged by the task of raising a gifted child.
  4. To identify gifted students through a process consistent with the state rule for gifted education.
GT 4th Grade Cognitive Classroom
GT 5th/6th LA Classroom - Eisenhower
GT 7th/8th Grade LA Classroom - Fassett
K-12 Services Overview