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Welcome to OCS FLYER Distribution Center
OCS is making available this new Flyer Distribution Center with the purpose of communicating school and community information in a centralized location.  
OCS Affiliated Activities:
Posted 5/12/16    CHAFA
Posted 9/18/17    Clay Youth Wrestling
Posted 10/12/17  Eagle Basketball Academy
Posted 1/16/18    Ram Drama Team Auditions for Madagascar Jr.
Non-OCS Sponsored Activities:

Posted 2/7/17      Cartridge Recycling Program
Posted 8/11/17    Clay Youth Volleyball League
Posted 9/7/17      Boy Scouts
Posted 12/4/17    Family Fun Day at Sky Zone Sponsored by the Autism Society of Northwest Ohio
Posted 12/14/17   YMCA 2018 Indoor Soccer
Posted 12/14/17   YMCA Adult Dodgeball
Posted 12/14/17   YMCA Arnies Shooting Clinic
Posted 12/14/17   YMCA East Y Jr. Cavs
Posted 12/14/17   YMCA Winter Dodgeball
Posted 12/14/17   YMCA Winter Sports Camps
Posted 12/15/17   Give Kids A Smile Day - Free Dental Care Event for Children 18 and Under
Posted 1/2/18       BGSU Saturday Art Youth Program  
Posted 1/18/18     Big Lots Food Drive to benefit the Toledo Northwestern Ohio Food Bank



Click the following links to access district technology related documents.

Read about acceptable behavior regarding the use of school computers and other technology in the district as well as guidelines for safe Internet use in the Acceptable Use Policy and Internet Safety Agreement.  This agreement is applicable to all students in grades K-12 and their parent/guardian.

Read about the Laptop Loan Agreement and the Insurance Fund Agreement in the Clay High School One-To-One Policies & Procedures Handbook..  This handbook is applicable to grades students in grades 9-12 and their parent/guardian.

Read about the Chromebook Loan Agreement and the Insurance Fund Agreement in the Fassett Junior High School One-To-One Policies & Procedures Handbook.  This handbook is applicable to students in grades 7 & 8 and their parent/guardian.

Want to get the INFO page with all of the shortcuts to Powerschool, etc.?  While in district, navigate your browser to http://info.  


You can make the 'Info" page (or ANY page) to be your home page by doing the following – depending on which browser you are using:

  • Safari/View/Customize Toolbar – drag the home button UP to your tools (up by the back button, or wherever you want it, it will open up to give you room to drop it).  Click Done.  Then go to Safari/Preferences/General – set your home page. Also, here you may want to have "NEW WINDOWS" AND "NEW TABS" open with that home page if you like.
  • Chrome/Preferences/Settings – check the box that says "show home button", then click "Change" to set the home page.


  1. Go to the “Outlook” menu and choose “Preferences”
  2. When in the Preferences, choose “Signatures”
  3. In the left box, choose your school email account
  4. In the right box, type your signature as you wish it to appear on all of your emails
  5. Click the red ball to close that window (or click “Show All” to check out the other preferences you may wish to set.)


When you make a new Microsoft Word document, the default margins are 1” on top and bottom and 1.25” on the left and right.  Every time you make a new document you have to change it to smaller margins, or you are .  Want to change the default so that YOUR choices are the defaults?  Here’s how…

  1. Open a new Microsoft Word document
  2. Go to the “Format” menu and choose “Document”
  3. Change the margins to what you like on a regular basis (I do .75 all the way around as my default)
  4. THEN – in why lower left corner, click the “Default” button.
  5. It will ask you “Do you want to change the default settings …  … NORMAL Template”
  6. Choose YES
  7. Now, every time you make a new document, your margins will be as you set them.
  8. You can always change if you need to – I sometimes need more room, so I’ll go in and change my margins to .5 all the way around so I can get more on a page.
  9. You can also do this for the font and font size.  Instead of going to the “Format” menu and “Document, go to the “Format” menu and choose “Font”
  10. I’ve changed my default font to “Times New Roman”, 12 pt font.


  1. Look at your dock and find a little vertical line towards the right (left of the trash can). 
  2. You can drag Applications that you use often to the LEFT of that line (which we did in the training)
  3. HOWEVER, if there’s a folder, ore even a single document, that you use very often, drag THAT item from a finder window (remember the "smiley guy” icon in the dock) to the RIGHT of that line in the dock.  It wills serve as a very nice shortcut to that folder or document.


We learned this in training, but I thought I’d remind you in case you haven’t been using it.  By using “Command-Space”, or Spotlight, you can find ANYTHING easily on your computer.  Just start typing a word (whether it is the name of an application, name of a document, or the CONTENTS of anything – inside a Word document, PDF file, or even an email in Outlook) and then pick the item from the list.  The “top pick” is usually correct, but just simply click anything in the list to open it.

  1. On your keyboard, type “Command-Space”
  2. Look in the upper right corner and the blue search box will appear
  3. Just start typing a word (whether it is the name of an application, name of a document, or the CONTENTS of anything – inside a Word document, PDF file, or even an email in Outlook)
  4. It will find the “top pick”, which is usually correct, but just simply click anything in the list to open it.
  5. Remember, if something is highlighted in blue, you don’t have to click it, just hit return to activate that choice.


Sometimes you want to put a snapshot of something on your screen into a Word document or Powerpoint presentation.  Or maybe you need to email a snapshot of an error message to the help desk.  Or maybe you want to share what you have on your screen with a colleague via email.  This can be done by taking a “SCREENSHOT”.  Here’s the steps:

  1. On your keyboard, type "Command-Shift-4"
  2. Let up on those keys and your cursor turns to a crosshairs with a circle
  3. Draw a rectangle around the region you want to capture
  4. If your volume is up, you’ll hear a sound like taking a photo
  5. The document named “Screen Shot” followed by the timestamp will go to your desktop.
  6. Attach that to an email, put it in Word, or whatever you want to do with it.  It is just an image for you to use however you need.


Don’t forget about your hot corners.  Setting one as your Screen Saver is a great way to secure your screen when you need to walk away from your desk.  Here’s the reminder of how to make hot corners:

  1. Open System Preferences
  2. Choose Mission Control
  3. Choose Hot Corners (in the lower left corner of dialog box)
  4. Make each corner do what you want. 
  5. When you move your pointer to that corner, the action will be performed.
  6. If you go there by mistake, just go there again to get back to where you were (I do this by mistake all the time)
  7. Here’s my choices:
  • Upper Left – Mission Control
  • Upper Right – Desktop
  • Lower Left – Application Windows
  • Lower Right – Start Screen Saver (great when you need to walk away from your computer and secure it.  Requires your password to disable.  I love this.)


You know those diagonal arrows in the upper right corner of your application windows?  These can be very confusing for a new Mac user and I would recommend not using them.  Instead, I would recommend that you take advantage of Cinch.  Reminder of that follows…



This feature will make you more productive as you navigate through the many documents you work on during the day – you become more productive by making screens full screen to maximize your laptop's screen (as described in steps 1 and 2 below).  You also can be productive between two documents and/or applications by tiling two windows (as described in steps 3 and 4 below.)

  1. Grab any window and drag it directly UP.  Once your mouse/arrow has gotten to the top of the screen you’ll see little hash marks around the entire computer screen. 
  2. Release the trackpad and your window will immediately go full screen.
  3. Do the same thing, but to the right edge of your screen and your window will tile to half screen on the right.
  4. Do the same thing, but to the left edge of your screen and your window will tile to half screen on the left.

If, for some reason the above doesn’t work for you, you simply need to install Cinch via Self Service.  Once installed, you need to enable it.  To do this double click it from your applications folder to open it.  Once opened, click the icon in your menu (little dashed square) and make sure the top three checkboxes are checked.  



Students Present at Civil War Roundtable

On December 14, five Clay High School students presented their classroom projects to an evening gathering of The Greater Toledo Civil War Roundtable at the East Toledo Senior Center. Civil War teacher Chris Klosterman commended the students for their courage to present in front of a group of experts and be willing to field questions from them. Students presenting were Paul Frasier, Civil War Dogs and Modern Dogs, Josh Isbell Herman Haupt; Matt Mohr, Baseball in the Civil War, Haley Cutshall,… Read More

Clay Government Students Visit the Ohio Supreme Court and Statehouse

On Tuesday, November 21st, 34 government students from Clay H.S. visited our state capital. Students sat in during oral arguments for two Ohio Supreme Court cases, saw the legal library, walked the statehouse grounds, and took an educational tour of the statehouse. After the tour of the House and Senate chambers, students met with our State Representative, Mike Sheehy, in the House Chamber and heard him speak about his duties as a representative. Government teacher Mr. Klosterman said "I was so… Read More
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Student Handbooks

2017-18 Student Handbooks Clay High School Clay High School Band Clay High School Vocal Music Clay High School Athletic Fassett Junior High School Eisenhower Intermediate School Coy Elementary School Jerusalem Elementary School Starr Elementary School Read More
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Walk the halls of Clay High School for exercise!

Clay High School will once again be hosting the Walking Club for all Oregon residents. The walking club will run from November 8, 2017, until April 27, 2018, in the Clay hallways on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 4:00pm - 7:00pm. Please note that the walking club will be cancelled on holidays and when school is closed due to inclement weather. All participants are required to enter door #3 and sign-in as soon as you enter the building. Community members that registered last year and still… Read More
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2017-2018 Band Handbook

2017-18 Band Handbook Read More
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Free and Reduced Lunch Application and Instructions

Free and Reduced Lunch Application Website (see below) Online Application Instructions in English Instrucciones en español Online Free and Reduced Instructions Video Tutorial Free and Reduced Paper Application Read More