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internationalclubAre you currently studying Spanish or French?  Do you like to try new foods, travel and meet new people?  Then you meet the requirements for the CHS International Club (iCLUB)!  Cultural opportunities abound for French, Spanish and foreign exchange students who join iCLUB.  Our goal is to instill interest in and an appreciation of the life, customs and culture of people around the world.  Discover new friends and cultures by meeting students who are interested in foreign languages, trying new foods, celebrating exciting holidays and traveling to new places like restaurants, theaters, museums and plays.  Members are encouraged to participate in our monthly activities and must attend at least three functions per year in order to list iCLUB as an activity on the National Honor Society Application.  Membership dues are $3.00 per academic school year and can be paid to your world language teacher.  Monthly activities will vary, so please check the iCLUB Schoology page for event details or ask your world language teacher.