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Clay DECA logo blueMarketing Education is a two-year program designed to prepare students who have an occupational objective in the field of business, marketing and management.  Students in their junior year will develop and implement strategies and techniques across the marketing functions.  Senior marketing students will advance and reinforce marketing knowledge learned in their junior year by further exploring Sales and Strategic Entrepreneurship.


The senior year will culminate in a capstone project requiring students to create their own business plan.  Local business leaders and Marketing Alumni will act as mentors and resources for this project.  The senior year is also cooperative combining related classroom instruction and coordinated work-based learning.  Student are required to work in the business community, which provides practical application of the classroom theory.  Technology, employability skills, leadership and communication skills will be incorporated in classroom activities throughout the Marketing Program.


Students enrolled in Marketing Eduction will also participate in the Career Technical Student Organization DECA where students will apply course content to real-world business problems and situations through various activities and competition.  For more information on DECA, please visit or follow @ClayDECA on Twitter.


Graduates pursing marketing careers are strongly encouraged to attend a college or university to major in business, marketing and management.  Graduates may also follow marketing careers after high school by directly entering the workforce.