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4.30.17 Fly-er

4.23.17 Fly-er            5th Grade Honor Roll   5th Grade Principal's List    6th Grade Honor Roll   6th Grade Principal's List

4.17.19 Fly-er            

4.9.17 Fly-er

4.2.17 Fly-er

3.26.17 Fly-er             Magic Gives Back           YMCA Flag Football     YMCA Spring Soccer     YMCA Spring Volleyball

3.5.17 Fly-er

2.27.17 Fly-er             Archery Club Permission Slip     11 Steps to Archery Success   Dear Edwina Information  Dear Edwina Ticket Order Form

2.20.17 Fly-er             Clay Band Spaghetti Dinner

2.12.15 Fly-er             Future Blood Donor            CHS Booster Garage Sale     YMCA Winter Activity      Hoedown Information

2.5.17 Fly-er               Box Tops Contest              

1.29.17 Fly-er

1.22.17 Fly-er             5th Grade Honor Roll         5th Grade Principal's List     6th Grade 2nd Qu Honor Roll      6th Grade 2nd Qu Principal's List

1.16.17 Fly-er             6th Grade Fassett Visit      Mini Cheer

1.8.17 Fly-er               YMCA Basketball   YMCA Volleyball  YMCA Youth Dodgeball   YMCA Adult Dodgeball   YMCA Programming    BGSU Saturday Art

12.11.16 Fly-er

12.4.16 Fly-er

11.13.16 Fly-er

11.6.16 Fly-er             5th Grade Honor Roll       5th Grade Principal's Roll         6th Grade Honor Roll          6th Grade Principal's Roll

10.30.16 Fly-er           OCT               Med Tech Babysitting Class           Babysitting Class Registration Form

10.23.16 Fly-er

10.16.16 Fly-er           October Menu            November Menu       Superhero Form        Clay Youth Wrestling

10.9.16 Fly-er

10.2.16 Fly-er             DARE Party

9.25.16 Fly-er             Choir Club

9.20.16 Fly-er             Guidance Brochure

9.11.16 Fly-er

9.6.16 Fly-er                Link to Ike Camp Michindoh Information:

8.28.16 Fly-er

8.21.16 Fly-er

7.28.16 Fly-er                                                    


16--17 Student-Parent Calendar                  


5th Grade Supply List 16--17                             6th Grade Supply List 16--17


16-17 In-coming 5th Grade Packet Packet        16-17 In-coming 6th Grade Packet      


Link to Ike Camp Michindoh Information:

March/April Soaring Times