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Curriculum and Instruction

Curriculum and instruction at Fassett Junior High School focuses on preparing students for the rigor of high school coursework.   Effective instruction begins with high-quality academic standards that outline what students should know and be able to do at the end of each grade level.  Ohio's New Learning Standards are the basis for the curriculum maps, learning targets, and lesson plans our seventh and eighth grade teachers have developed since 2013.  Our English language arts and mathematics maps are currently being revised to incorporate new materials purchased  through district Permanent Improvement levy funds.  They will be posted to this page as they're finalized in the coming months.

High quality classroom instruction includes research-backed practices such as the use of formative assessment data to guide instruction, flexible groupings, and comprehensive interventions for students experiencing learning challenges.  Fassett offers a wide range of academic experiences including advanced seventh grade math instruction, Algebra 1 and physical science for high school credit, band, choir, as well as technology, financial literacy, and foreign language instruction.

Click the links below for helpful information about our English language arts and math standards.

Parent Roadmap to 7th Grade Math Standards

Parent Roadmap to 8th Grade Math Standards

National PTA Parents' Guide to 7th Grade Success

National PTA Parents' Guide to 8th Grade Success


Intervention and Enrichment

At Fassett Junior High specific academic interventions are provided during STRIDE periods. STRIDE stands for Study, Tutor, Read, Intervene, Develop, and Enrich.  Similar in intent to the elementary and intermediate programs, this separate period is structured to provide students extra time to receive academic assistance, specific academic interventions, enrichment activities, and mentoring from staff members.  Teachers are available to assist students in all academic subject areas.

Fassett students needing additional help in math are also provided intensive math remediation during a Math Lab period.



The purpose of assessment is to measure students’ level of mastery of the standards. Oregon City Schools utilizes several different tools -- some mandated, others chosen -- to measure and evaluate student knowledge of standards and their acquisition of skills.  Examples of formal assessments we use to make local instructional decisions include STAR Reading and Math assessments and teacher-developed, grade level based common math assessments.

Annual state mandated testing includes the PARCC tests for English language arts and math for both grades seven and eight and Ohio's Next Generation Assessment for social studies in grade eight.

For more information regarding these tests, please click the links below.

STAR Assessments

Ohio ELA, Math, Science, & Social Studies Testing Information