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The Starr Elementary Parent Organization is composed of persons who are interested in promoting educational, harmonious relations, and the general well-being of the children, school, and community in the Starr School District. The Starr Parent Organization is highly involved in improving our school.  All Starr parents and guardians are urged to attend the group's meetings and become active participants.  Please consider getting involved in the Parent Organization and join the fun!

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Grade Level Representatives for 2017-2018 School Year


Treasurer:       Cassandra Ustaszewski        


Grade K Rep:                      


Grade 1 Rep:                     


Grade 2 Rep:                     


Grade 3 Rep:                       


Grade 4 Rep:  



E-mail - Feel free to contact any grade level representative listed above

 Starr Parent Organization By-Laws: 

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September 2016

October 2016

November 2016

December 2016: 12/7/2016

Reviewed minutes from last meeting

Treasurer’s Report: Balance $20,975.02
-After allocated money: $10,789.02
-Vote was taken to allocate $4,000 towards FunDay 16-17 school year

Committee Reports
Spirit Wear- 144 items sold
$2,027 total with a profit of $446.50
There will be a few more times to order again this school year

Trunk or Treat- $0 profit
Broke even with event

Holiday Shop- 33 volunteers
Total $9,097
Credit Card sales: $1,441
Volunteer Discount: $139
Credit Card Fees: $40
Invoice from company: $7,844
Expense Totals: $8,023
Total Profit: $1,074

Popcorn machine has been delivered and is ready for movie night
By laws have been finished and will be posted for everyone to view

New Business
- New members were introduced
- A communication board has been posted right outside of cafeteria
- parent info will be posted throughout the year i

Future PTO Meetings
January 4th
February 1st
March 1st
April 5th
May 3rd

Future Events
Event ideas were discussed
Looking for a volunteer to head Chuck E. Cheese nights
Next Book Fair dates are: February 28- March 2

January 2017



Starr Elementary PTO

Meeting Date:  Wed. Jan. 4th

Meeting Location:  Starr Library @ 7:00pm

*You can park out front at the second set of doors.  The door will be open.

1. Call to Order

2. Minutes:Review of minutes from 12/7/2016 meeting-Jessica

3. Officers’ Reports

a. Treasurer’s Report-Cassie/Trina

    Cassie- Square Report?/ Setting up a new square account/Closing old


4. Committee Reports

a. Spirit Wear Committee-Holly C.

b. Chuck E. Cheese-Karen S.

c. Movie Night-Holly C.

d. Dollar Days-?

e. Firehouse Sub Nights- Jessica C.

f. Cookies & Canvas- Trina F.

5. Principal’s Report

-UT Football Players visited

-AR Game day is on Friday

-Reminder grade cards will all be online: Ready to View 1/12

-Idea for testing in April (Maumee Schools)

-Newsletter posted Oregon Facebook, Starr Oregon Page, Starr Facebook, Starr Facebook and sent out to emails.

-PTO minutes, Treasurer Reports are posted on the Oregon Starr site, Starr Facebook pg. and Starr PTO Facebook pg. and will be put up at the PTO information centers in the school

-Marco’s Pizza Night will start up in Feb.  Decorating Boxes

-Box Top Collection-Starts Jan.23-27

-Parent Volunteers to count daily, 9:30am

-No School on January 13th  (Teacher Work Day) and

January 16th (Martin Luther King’s Day)

-All Reps have access to Facebook page

-There will be one email for Starr PTO Group. What would we like it to be called?

-Computer labs: Chrome Books are here.

-Right to Read school-wide event /Any Funds?? available

Needed: $3000 estimate  Have: $2,250

-Funds for Desk for 4th grade (2017)*This would complete a grade level.  *Information attached of cost. $176 per desk

130 desk x 176=  $22,880 

6. Unfinished (old) Business

        a. Close old email

        b. Close old square account (two squares to be turned in)

        c. Access to all Reps on Facebook PTO page

        d. By Laws need to be retyped/Goal next week

7. New Business

a. Fun Day Money Set Aside -$4000

b. Calendar for Dollar Fun/Spirit Days!

c. Money when heading for an event/pickup and drop off

8. Announcements: 

     a. Spirit Wear Sale starts Jan.9th (Online)

     b. NEXT: PTO Board Reps Meeting: Monday, Jan. 23 @7:00pm Starr Library

     c. NEXT:  Starr PTO Meeting: Wednesday, Feb 1st @ 7:00pm Starr Library

      d. Cookies & Canvas:  Feb. 10th

     e.  Chuck E Cheese Event: Friday, Jan. 20th 3:30pm-11:00pm

9. Adjournment

February 2017

March 2017

April 2017

May 2017

June 2017

July 2017


Treasurer's Report

September 2016

October 2016

Novermber 2016

December 2016

Balance 20,975.02
Allocated to Field Trips
Allocated for Teacher Reimbursement
Allocated for Chairs Allocated for Holiday Shop
November’s Deposit
Spirit Wear
Mr. Earl Funds Holiday Shop
November’s Withdrawals
Mr. Earl Funds
Spirit Wear paper forms
Fall Fundraiser
Book Fair​
Start Up for Holiday Shop Popcorn machine plus
1st Grade field trip
​(as of Nov 30) -2,400.00
-2,100.00 - 5686.00 unknown
_________ 10,789.02
419.14 4009.25
4395.76 200.00 334.89

*As per last Reps Meeting: 12/19 there is $5686.00 that will be re-added in during the Jan. meeting/Taken out 2x.

January 2017

Jan. 2017 Treasurer's Report

Balance 18,887.92          (as of  Dec 31)

Allocated to Field Trips                   -2,400.00

Allocated for Teacher

                    Reimbursement         -2,100.00

Fun Day                                          -4,000.00



December’s Deposit

Spirit Wear                     491.50 (Multiple Deposits)

Mr. Earl Funds                         75.06

        Holiday Shop                        5148.15

        Movie Night                             789.25

December’s Withdrawals

Mr. Earl Funds                          75.06

Spirit Wear                                45.00

Holiday Shop                        7,844.00

Start Up for Movie Night          160.00

Movie Night                                60.00

3rd Grade field trip                   407.00

Holiday Shop deposits totaled $9157.40, $4009.25 was deposited in November.

February 2017

March 2017

April 2017

May 2017

June 2017

July 2017