Oregon City Schools COVID-19 Data Updates

Restart Q & A

Q & A about the OCS Restart Plan

Below you will find questions that you may have as we approach and move into the 2020-21 school year.  We have them broken down into a variety of categories.  If you do not find an answer to your question below, please feel free to submit your question by using THIS FORM.


Q: What do Athetics look like?
  • As of now, the HS athletic seasons will begin on time. Although we do not have any firm guidance on high school athletic competitions at this time. I want to prepare our community for limited community participation at high school football games and possibly other events.
  • At best, we anticipate only allowing 50% capacity in our football stadium. This will not be easy or fair. All tickets will be sold through an online ticketing system and we are not planning on having any tickets sold at the gate.
  • The situation we find ourselves in is frustrating and fall sports will be significantly impacted one way or another. Please be understanding as new restrictions are put in place for athletic contests.

Q: How will parents and community members on the sideline of a football field, including the band, be safe? Will there be temperature checks and other measures for the incoming crowd?
  • No final plans at this point, but not planning on temperature checks at this time. Seating will be arranged by groups of 4 distanced apart.  

Q: Why is it ok for athletics to have practices and have a season but it is not ok for kids to go to school 5 days a week?
  • Because we can social distance at practices, not every classroom will allow 6ft of separation. 

Classroom Instruction (Curriculum)

Q: Do parents have the choice of full remote learning for our children for a semester, even if OCS has chosen a hybrid plan. The OCS Digital Academy does not offer Honors or Humanities classes that are offered at Clay, therefore not an option for us at this time.
  •  OCS is not offering any type of remote option except the OCS Digital Academy.

Q: How will career-based classes be handled? My daughter is a Junior in Med Tech and they are required to have a certain amount of hands-on hours to get certified. This would be the same for Cosmetology, Machining, etc.
  • Lab hours are critical to certification. We may allow students to use lab more often to obtain needed hours. All Career Tech teachers and leaders are aware of all the requirements.
Q: It is my understanding that Ottawa Hills schools will be live streaming classes to the students who are learning from home for safety/health issues. Can OCS do live streaming instruction?
  •  Need appropriate technology, training, and time. Good concept, difficult to implement quickly.
Q: Because the ACT has been canceled numerous times, there are many universities who have taken the ACT score out of their application criteria. As a result, GPA becomes more and more important. Have you given any consideration to giving AP courses higher weighting again?
  •  Grading scale will remain the same for all AP courses for the 20-21 school year.
Q: What will my Gifted and Talented Student's plan look like?
  • Gifted and Talented Dept. has provided updates related to their specific programs. See plan here:

Hybrid Models (General Questions Regarding)




Q: HYBRID DETAILS - When is the first day back to school?
  • August 20 for Green, August 21 for Gold
Q: HYBRID DETAILS - Which hybrid model are we starting the year with?
  • Hybrid A 
    • Clay HS, Fassett JH, Eisenhower Student hours: 7:50am to 2:35pm 
    • Coy, Jerusalem, Starr Elem. Student hours: 9:05am to 3:35pm 
    • Students in Grades K-12 will be divided into two groups based on their last name. All efforts will be made to keep siblings and those students who live in the same house together. 
    • GREEN group (last name A-K)       GOLD group (last name L-Z) 
    • Planned Schedule: 
      • GREEN will attend school on Monday & Thursday, Remote on Tuesday & Friday 
      • GOLD will attend school on Tuesday & Friday, Remote on Monday & Thursday 
      • ALL students will be home on Wednesdays (expectations for this day TBD) 
      • **Specific Special Education Programs may go four (4) days per week 
      • **Preschool Special Education Programs may follow traditional (4) days per week 
    • First three (3) days : 
      • Wednesday, August 19, 2020 - No students (possible device distribution) 
      • Thursday, August 20, 2020 - GREEN will attend 
      • Friday, August 21, 2020 - GOLD will attend

Q: HYBRID DETAILS - Do you feel there will be a good chance we will eventually go full time virtual based on what data you're seeing now?

  • The determining factor will be how many counties enter into purple. If Lucas county enters purple, then we may go fully remote.
Q: HYBRID DETAILS - If my students name begins with S when is her first actual day of school? According to the regular schedule, she should start on a Wednesday. But the hybrid model says her days will be Tuesdays and Fridays.
  • She will start on Friday, August 21, then attend on Tuesdays and Fridays.
Q: HYBRID DETAILS - How will the school calendar that was originally issued be meshed into this hybrid with items such as but not limited to winter break, spring break, open house, 2 hour delays, etc.?
  • The only change to the calendar will be students starting on August 20 instead of August 19. Breaks and delays will remain the same. However, Open Houses are cancelled.
Q: HYBRID DETAILS - What happens to the group that will miss Mondays due to holidays and in-service teacher work days. Will those days be made up?
  • We are exploring options.

Q: HYBRID DETAILS - Will parents be provided with total enrollment numbers for the hybrid model for each building before the start of school?
  • Once we have final classroom numbers, we can provide this information. 
 Q: HYBRID DETAILS - Why did we choose the M/TH and T/F split for students?
  • OCS leadership had a lot of discussion on how to divide students. Our leadership team felt strongly that if we were going to go hybrid, then we need to see students at different points in the week. This was a curricular decision. This schedule allows for a more consistent instructional cycle and opportunity for timely feedback to students, supporting academic growth. This schedule reduces the time between direct teacher/student contact. We know student engagement increases when there is regular contact between our teachers and the students. 
  • We are very confident our daily cleaning will be equally effective with different groups coming in on consecutive days as two days in a row. Our plan is to have the buildings and classrooms disinfected everyday in the same manner, regardless of which students are in the building. Working with our staff, collectively we will maintain a safe environment.

Q: HYBRID DETAILS - Why only 2 days a week in class?
  • OCS made the decision that students of all ages deserved the same safety measures across the district. Classrooms will be able to social distance appropriately with smaller groups consistently throughout the district. 

Q: HYBRID DETAILS - The restart outline has been posted, stating 2 days in-class and 3 days online. Is there an option for completely online, if we do not want to to send our child back to in-class?

  • Yes. You can register for OCS Digital Academy by emailing, OCSDigitalAcademy@oregoncs.org.
Q: HYBRID DETAILS - If we register for hybrid, does that mean my children has to go to school the 2 days ? My spouse has a weak immune system.
  • Yes. If you choose to register Hybrid, students will attend 2 days at school, 3 days at home. Parents have option of hybrid (2 days/3 days) or OCS Digital Academy (fully remote).
Q: HYBRID DETAILS - If a student enrolls for the hybrid model, but then realizes that this is not the right fit, can that student then enroll in the online option?
  • Yes. Students can opt into the OCS Digital Academy at any time. Although withdrawal from in-school model is discouraged until end of quarter/semester for continuity.
Q: HYBRID DETAILS - I'm not comfortable sending my kids to school just yet. However, I'm not sold on the digital academy due to it being completely self-directed. If the district plans to utilize the in-school curriculum when kids are self-isolating or when school is closed due to rising cases, why not offer it to kids who opt to stay out of the schools until conditions improve?
  • OCS does not have the personnel for teacher led in-person school and teacher led remote learning. Tutoring may be offered based on feedback and evaluation of the program.
Q: AT-HOME DAYS - How will the day look on the day they are remote learning from home? Sign in and out for each class? Attendance in every class? Bathroom breaks?

  • When home - work at own pace and complete assignments. No plans to sign in or out each day. Attendance will only be taken when required to be at school. Self paced at home, so bathroom breaks anytime.
Q: AT-HOME DAYS - On the remote learning days, are the students to be online during the actual times of the class or will it be like the spring where they are on their own schedule & do assignments when they want?
  • Students will work independently with assignments on remote days. 
Q: AT-HOME DAYS - Will my student have video conferencing into the classroom on their remote days at home? Or Will the teacher be teaching the same thing to each group?
  • No. Teachers will be teaching to two groups of students, so teachers will not be readily accessible to the remote students on demand during school hours.
Q: AT-HOME DAYS - Will there be actual classes daily for the students to attend on Google Meet or Zoom so they keep a school routine? Also, so they don't lose valuable learning from teaching themselves?
  • Students will have contact with teacher when they are physically in school. The three remote days will be completing activities and lessons independently. 

Q: AT-HOME DAYS - During online days will my student be expected to be engaged online during "normal" school hours or can we school whenever fits our schedule? Can we skip Weds & Friday and do work Sat & Sun instead?
  • Students will have flexibility when and where they complete work. Students will not be required to complete school work during typical school hours on off days. 
Q: AT-HOME DAYS - When students are on the Hybrid/remote schedules on the days they are home will those days be classroom instruction via zoom, blue button (schoololgy) or Google classroom?
  • No, but assignments most likely will be provided to students in Schoology and Google classroom. Zoom instruction may occur on occasion on Wednesdays. 
Q: AT-HOME DAYS - Is there an option of utilizing Zoom for remote learning days that are classroom specific? For instance, is it possible that each teacher has a classroom ID that the students would sign into at the start of the "regular" class time where the teacher could have "class" remotely? And if that is not an option, how will remote days work? Will they be required to "logon" in the morning or is it just work as we see fit?
  • Currently this is not an option when kids are not in school. We will be exploring this option as the year progresses. 
Q: AT-HOME DAYS - Will parents be expected to teach their children new curriculum on the remote learning days? Is the district taking into consideration that a lot of parents have full time jobs?
  • OCS understands how impactful this type of education is to families. Parents will play a significant role monitoring and assisting their children on days students are not in school.

Q: WEDNESDAYS - What will be required of teachers and of students on Wednesday, when there are not students at school?
  • This day will be a flexible day for teachers and programs. The day will be used for teacher office hours, virtual lessons, training, and extensive planning. Teachers will communicate student expectation for Wednesdays and all off days. 
 Q: MISCELLANEOUS - How long should email turn around be for questions for a teacher/ or additional instruction if needed on the Hybrid plan?

  • No more than 24 hours.

OCS Digital Academy

Q: Where can we find more information on the OCS Digital Academy?

Q: Does the OCS Digital Academy follow the state curricular guidelines?
  • Yes. 

Q: How is OCS Digital Academy different from the district's remote plan?
  • The OCS Digital Academy does not have a teacher component to it. It is self-paced and self-guided with the student working independently through the course lessons. If OCS were to implement our district wide "remote" plan, OCS teachers would guide instruction remotely similar to what occurred in the spring.

Q: Do I have to re-register if my student is going to the OCS Digital Academy?
  • Yes, the Academy students are still considered OCS students and will need to be re-registered in our system.
Q: How do we enroll in OCS Digital Academy?
  • Email request to OCSDigitalAcademy@oregoncs.org

Q: How do we enroll in the OCS Digital Academy, if we've already registered for in-school?
  • Email request to OCSDigitalAcademy@oregoncs.org
Q: Can out of district students sign up for the OCS Digital Academy if we've been attending OCS for years?
  • Yes. Students can opt into the OCS Digital Academy at anytime this year and will remain an OCS student.

Q: Will the student be able to switch from the OCS Digital Academy to the district's remote plan if the schools end up closing?
  • Once enrolled in the OCS Digital Academy, a student must commit to a full semester online.

Q: Why is there no teacher component to OCS Digital Academy?
  • The OCS Digital Academy provides Oregon City Schools students full-time online learning through the NOVA consortium which provides courses to students K-12 in many Ohio districts.
  • OCS Teachers do not provide instuctional materials to the OCS Digital Academy or NOVA consortium.


Q: What will be used to determine when you make switching between the hybrid and then having all students return?
  • Ohio’s rating of Lucas county - Purple, Red, Orange, Yellow
  • Lucas County currently in Red or Level 3.
  • Lucas County Health Dept Guidance
  • Lucas County, Oregon, & Jerusalem confirmed cases on the rise or slowing down
  • Oregon City Schools students and staff confirmed cases and staffing levels
  • State and Federal Policy and Guidance
Q: What are the educational options for sick students?
  • Students who have the virus and self-isolating or are in mandatory quarantine, will be provided access to all school assignments and learning material through various remote learning platforms including Class Dojo or Google Classroom (Kindergarten), Google Classroom (1-4) or Schoology (5-12). 
  • Student and parent questions will be handled through the classroom teacher(s) as needed during this time.
  • Students will be expected to return to school upon completion of all COVID-19 health protocols.

Q: What will daily cleaning look like?
  • Disinfectant spray will be made available for cleaning of classroom desks and tables on a regular (daily) basis. Classrooms will be disinfected each day.
  • School hallway railing will be disinfected throughout the day.
  • Bathrooms will be disinfected once in the morning after the students arrive, once after lunch and prior to students returning the next day.
  • Specialized cleaning schedules for Career Technical Programs and others will be designed to meet the needs of these programs.
Q: What safety protections are being placed in Main Offices?
  • Sneeze Guards are being installed in each office for exposed public counters.
Q: With the current hybrid set up, it feels like the A-K kids will have a cleaner school to enter then the L-Z kids based on them coming into the school after the weekend clean and the Wednesday clean. With the L-Z group coming in after the A-K, will the school be as clean?
  • Each day the school will be sanitized and safe for any group of students the next day.
Q: What happens when a student tests positive for COVID-19?
  • Any student who has been exposed (six feet for 15min) to someone who tested positive for COVID19, must not come to school and follow these steps before returning to school:
    • 1. Health Department will be contacted
    • 2. Self Quarantine and/or self-isolate for 14 days along with any siblings and family members following Health Department and care provider guidance.
    • 3. Once cleared, parents contact school nurse for a “return to school” interview. 
    • 4. Welcome back to school
Q: What happens when a staff member tests positive for COVID-19?
  • Any staff member who has been exposed (six feet for 15min) to someone who tested positive for COVID19, must not come to school and follow these steps before returning to work:      
    • 1. Health Department will be contacted
    • 2. Self Quarantine and/or self-isolate for 14 days along with any family members following Health Department and care provider guidance.
    • 3. Once cleared, parents contact supervisor for a “return to school” interview. 
    • 4. Welcome back to work.

Q: What is going to happen if there is outbreak of positive cases of Covid in a classroom? Will the entire classroom be quarantined at home? Will the entire school be closed down
  • Response Coming Soon.

Q: If a student travels outside of the state, are they required to stay home from school for 14 days on their return?
  • No

Q: CLASSROOM - How do you plan to separate students during instructional time? Will students still be lining up when they leave the classroom? Will students be separated during carpet time? Will you be using plastic dividers at tables
  • Students will maintain social distancing as much as possible in all classrooms K-12. That is why 50% of kids attend, twice per week. Masks will be required in hallways and when not able to social distance.

Q: MASKS - Mask Policy K-12
  • If face masks / coverings are required, and no exception has been applied, students and/or staff who violate this policy shall be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with the applicable Student Code of Conduct/Student Discipline Code, staff Code of Conduct, and in accordance with policies of the Board.
  • All stakeholders involved (students, staff, parents/guardians) must cooperate, communicate, and be flexible so the school environment is safe and successful.
  • For younger students, practice wearing a mask at home.
  • District Mask Policy here.
Q: MASKS - What is the Student Mask Policy K-12?
  • The following mask protocols will apply to all students, K-12:
    • Students will wear face coverings while riding on a bus at all times.
    • Students will wear a mask, or other district approved face covering, in hallways and public spaces i.e. transitions, bathroom breaks, arrival, dismissal, etc.
    • Students will be required to wear a mask, or other district approved face covering, in the classroom when the social distancing standard is not possible.
    • Students will wear a mask, or other district approved face covering, in the cafeteria at all times except when sitting at the lunch table.
Q: MASKS - What is the Staff Mask Policy K-12?
  • The following mask protocols will apply to all staff, K-12:
    • Mask, or other district approved face covering, will be worn in all public spaces within the school setting.
    • Mask, or other district approved face covering, will be worn when interacting with other employees or students when social distancing guidelines cannot be met.
    • Mask, or other district approved face covering, may be removed when employees are alone.
    • Mask, or other district approved face covering, are not required in staff lounge but social distancing guidelines must be observed.
Q: MASKS - Will students be able to take off masks?
  • Yes, there will be times thoughout the day students will be able to remove their masks, as directed by their instructor. Social distancing guidelines must be adhered to. Our mask policy is here.
Q: MASKS - Masks and Social Distancing
  • Wearing a Mask and Social Distancing are the top two recommendations made by leading health officials. Both minimize the risk of catching the virus. One cannot be discussed without the other. They are interconnected.
  • OCS will require staff and students to wear a mask while at school, but allow for flexibility and removal of masks when the social distancing standard is being observed in classrooms.
  • Student seating in classrooms will be spaced out to the maximum space available per room striving for 6 feet based on classroom space. The maximum space available will depend on the number of students in each classroom or space.
Q: MASKS - Masks and Social Distancing K-6
  • All attempts will be made to isolate groups of students and not “cross-contaminate” spaces with different groups of students throughout the day, i.e. P.E., Music, etc. 
  • Students will have limited hallway transitions, but when they do, the transitions will be designed for social distancing and masks will be mandatory.
  • Students will eat lunch in the cafeteria and/or expanded spaces allowing for social distancing to the maximum amount possible. Masks will not be required while eating lunch but will be required when transiting through the cafeteria. No large group gatherings will be allowed in the cafeteria, and lunch lines will be controlled for social distancing.
Q: MASKS - Masks and Social Distancing 7-12
  • All attempts will be made to minimize close group interactions with students and design activities/lessons with the goal of limited close contact interactions between students, also between staff and students.
  • Students will have multiple hallway transitions, and when they do, the transitions will be designed to organize traffic patterns and masks will be mandatory.
  • Students will eat lunch in the cafeteria and/or expanded spaces allowing for social distancing to the maximum amount possible. Masks will not be required while eating lunch but will be required when transiting through the cafeteria. No large group gatherings will be allowed in the cafeteria, and lunch lines will be controlled for social distancing.

Q: MASKS - If the children will be wearing the mask to the cafeteria then removing it when they sit down to eat, what is the plan for placement of the masks when the kids aren’t wearing them? 
  • At the elementary schools, lanyards will be provided to students to help secure masks. Nothing else has been presented.

Q: MASKS - Will OCS be supplying masks for students? I am concerned over the use and reuse of masks for children on a daily basis. I would think that masks would be provided for them and given a new mask each day to ensure that they are not reused. Some parents might not be able to afford them or ensure they are washed.
  • We will not be providing masks as a rule, but will have masks available when needed. We will work with families to secure personal masks if students cannot affort them.

Q: MASKS - I see that everyone is responsible for providing their own masks. What about the families that cannot afford them? 
  • We will work with any family who cannot afford masks to secure masks for their children.

Q: MASKS - My child has asthma and can not wear a mask for a long period of time, what are the rules for children with health conditions like this one
  • There are health exemptions. Parents can fill out a exemption form and the district will approve or not approve within two days.

Q: MASKS - What face coverings will students who cannot wear masks wear? 
  • Faceshields.
Q: MASKS - What is the discipline for those students who continue wearing their masks around their neck & not over their mouth & nose
  • Students who do not wear masks appropriately or refuse will be breaking the dress code and subject to dicipline. Ultimately students may not be allowed to return to school.

Q: SANITIZER - Will hand sanitizer be available?
  • Students and staff will be required to use the SkinGuard24 hand sanitizer upon entry into all buildings. This type of hand sanitizer works for 24 hours and does not require additional use of hand sanitizer throughout the day.
  • SkinGuard24 is methanol free. We have verified this product is safe and provide the protection as advertised. Longer protection with less product.
  • We will have hand sanitizer stations strategically placed throughout the buildings for easy access to these dispensers. Additional hand sanitizer may be used throughout the day.
  • Washing hands will be a priority for all students. Students will be continually reminded and educated on the effective hand washing practices.
Q: SANITIZER - What types of sanitizers is OCS using?
  • SkinGuard24, the all-day hand sanitizer, dispensers (27) are being installed at main entry points in all buildings as well as the main offices for students and staff to use when entering the building. There will be no methanol in any available products.
  • All classrooms, busses, and buildings will have one of two disinfectant products, Genefect (10min virus kill) or Contact PLUS (3min virus kill); both are designed to kill all viruses and bacteria. Spray bottles will be provided and filled with the appropriate product.
  • Restroom cleaning and disinfecting will occur frequently throughout the day utilizing our Kaivac machines and disinfectant spray in every school. This machine will allow for the KaiBosh product to be applied. KaiBosh, Genefect and Contact PLUS are tested and proven to both clean and disinfect restrooms and will kill COVID.

Q: SANITIZER - Can my child have his own sanitizer on him or in his book bag?
  • Yes. 

Q: TEMPS - How are temperature checks for staff & students conducted?
  • Temperature checks will be taken as students enter the buildings on a daily basis. Students with heightened readings (100.4) will be isolated and temperatures will be reevaluated and assessed by school nurse for false readings.
  • Staff will take temperature upon arrival to work and document temperature was taken.
  • Staff, families and students will be asked to complete a safety pledge outlining precautionary steps they pledge to take each day before the staff member or student enters the school.
  • School Nurses will be available on a daily basis to complete wellness temperature checks on a per case basis.
  • School Nurses will educate all students on the importance of not coming to school when sick and provide materials to families on a regular basis.
  • Separate rooms will be used to isolate any student with COVID19 concerns.
Q: TEMPS - Will temps be taken while students are still in parents car? 
  • No. Temperature checks will be taken as students enter the buildings on a daily basis.

Special Education

Q: What will my Special Education Student's schedule look like?
  •  Special Education Dept. has provided updates related to their programs. See plan here.

Q: Will students with IEP or 504 plans education be affected by the hydrid plan?
  •  No. Students will receive IEP/504 services as directred by their individual plan.
Q: Are special needs students going to be forced to wear a mask the entire day?
  •  No. There will be times thoughout the day students will be able to remove their masks, as directed by their instructor. Social distancing guidelines must be adhered to. Our mask policy is here.
Q: Will my childs aide be available on his days not in school?
  •  No. Aids are working 4 days a week. Aids are only available on school grounds.
Q: Will the in special education class bathroom be wiped down between each student?
  •  Yes
Q: Will the in special education sensory room be wiped down between each student?
  •  Yes
Q: How do I re-register my special education student?
  •  Registration for special education students uses the same process as all students.


Q: What is status of the Technology Device Insurance Policy?
  • The OCS Board of Education has eliminated the device insurance program for this year understanding devices must go home with students of all ages. If a device is damaged at home, and that damage is over $25, families will be responsible for the amount of the repair over $25.

Q: Will the students be receiving the same computers for in-class and for the academy?
  •  All OCS students will be issued a Google Chromebook.


Q: Will there be transportation? 
  • Yes. OCS will provide transportation for students utilizing the following conditions:
    • All students must wear masks on the bus to/from school and any extra-curricular travel.
    • No more than two (2) students per seat, siblings sit together.
    • Assigned seating for students K-8, loading back to front for students 9-12.
    • Hand sanitizer getting on the bus going into school.
    • Sanitize bus prior to a.m. AND p.m. routes.

Q: Are my kids able to get on bus from babysitters house?
  •  Yes. Submit transportation requests through Transporation Dept.

Other Questions

Q: Will there be any Field Trips, Co-Curricular, Extra-Curriculars, Camps?
  • Field Trips will be prohibited until further notice.
  • Co-Curricular Trips and Competitions will be restricted. Requests will be evaluated on an individual basis for safety and educational implications.
  • Extra-Curricular (athletic) guidelines and restrictions will be determined working with the health department and school administration.
  • Camps/Grade Level Trips (6th grade, 8th grade DC, Band Disney) will be cancelled.

Q: ABSENCES - Will the attendance policy be different this year?
  • COVID-19 related absences will be excused. Students will be counted as present when at home. Students who miss for non-COVID reasons will depend on the reasons whether they are excused or not as in current policy. 
Q: ABSENCES - Will the absentee work policy remain the same (students have as many days as they are absent to make up work)?
  • Yes, if a student is our for a COVID-19 reason, we will provide extra time to turn in assignments. The extended timelines may vary.
Q: CHILDCARE Has any thought been given to the child care aspect of the hybrid model and parents who work days? The daycare providers that I have contacted have all been overloaded with contact information.
  • Yes, going hybrid was a very hard decision, in part, because of access to child care. Safety is our priority and we just could not bring kids back without proper social distancing when the county turned red.
Q: CLUBS - Will we be holding after school classroom activities such as Word Masters, Art Club, Debate Club?
  • At this time, no after school clubs at the beginning of the school year. We will re-evaluate once the year starts.
Q: CLUBS - Are there plans for an after school theater arts (Limelighters) program this fall?
  • We have suspended any theatre programs for the first semester; working with the leaders of theater programs. Another difficult decision.
Q: COMMUNITY USAGE OF FACILITIES - Can we use the school buildings to meet?
  • No. In general, OCS will not allow the community to hold meetings or events after school hours due to cleaning protocols. OCS will encourage booster and parent groups to hold meetings remotely.
  • Community use of school facilities will be limited to those who have a long history of collaboration with our school system. All events must comply with health and safety protocols and must have a plan approved by Superintendent.
  • Events of any type are all in question at this point in time.
Q: FEES - Why do we have fees?
  • Fees are needed to maintain budget shortfalls.
Q: FEES - Will school/classroom fees be lowered?
  •  Fees will remain the same allowing for the material purchases already planned for.
Q: FEES - With the new $70 rental fee for band uniforms, what will happen if they do not march at all or a limited season? This year is already limited. What happens if it becomes more limited?
  • Fees will be reviewed program by program.
Q: FOOD - Will breakfast be available?
  •  Yes
Q: FOOD - Can packed lunches be brought in?
  • Yes.
Q: OPEN HOUSESWill there be any Open Houses before school starts?
  • No Open Houses this year.
Q: OPEN HOUSES - Will the parents be able to meet their child’s teacher before schools start, like ‘open house’?
  • No open houses, but working on a virtual plan to introduce teachers.
Q: PRESCHOOL - Will preschool be going the full 4 half days a week?
  •  Yes. Monday - Thursday
Q: PRESCHOOL - Will children without IEPs be allowed to attend preschool M-Th?
  •  Yes
Q: PRESCHOOL - Is the digital academy going to available for the pre-k students as well?
  •  No. There is no Digital Academy option for Pre-K.
Q: RECESS - WIll K-6 have Recess?
  • Students will be allowed to participate in recess and utilize all current pieces of equipment.
  • Recess will be structured providing for a more controlled environment.
  • Students will be required to wash their hands upon reentry into the school building after recess.
  • Indoor recess will follow all mask and social distancing protocols.
Q: SUPPLY LISTSWill the school supply list for the students change since they will not be attending all 5 days of school as of now?
  • Please wait until teachers are able to formulate new supply lists. Building Principals will give updates.
Q: SUPPLY LISTS - What school supplies should we be buying?
  • Parents can hold off on the purchase of supplies until individual teachers confirm supply lists. Coordinated through Building Principal's email.
Q: VISITORS - Will Guests, Visitors, Volunteers & Service Providers be able to enter the schools?
  • In general, no guests or visitors will be allowed in the schools without a valid reason and visitation to school offices will be discouraged and highly controlled.
  • If deemed an essential guest, visitor, volunteer or service provider, the individual must wear a mask and have his/her temperature taken before entering the school, complete a health checklist/signature, and follow all employee protocols.
  • Classroom parties involving outside food products and parent participation will be prohibited.

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