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June 29, 2020
4:51 p.m. Email to parents  
OCS Families, Staff and Community,

Happy Summer!  It has been a while since I put an update out because we have been patiently waiting for the official guidance from the state of Ohio and the Governor for the start of school in the fall.  As of now, OCS has a draft set of ideas and options for opening in the fall.  Before we begin to finalize our plan, we want to understand the Governor's Guidance which is planned to be released later this week.  Once we know what the parameters of the guidance will be, we will finalize our plan and share with the public.  There are several internal groups looking at what is best and what makes sense for Oregon schools.  I am not anticipating any calendar changes, so school is set to start on August 19, 2020 as scheduled for students.  You can find the calendar here:

Thank you for your patience, enjoy the summer, and stay safe and healthy.

Hal Gregory

May 22, 2020
2:42 p.m. Email to parents  
OCS Parents, Staff and Families,

Today is the official last day of school for the 19-20 school year and what a year it has been.  Again, we thank you for working with OCS to get the job done.  Well deserved summer break!

One final request, we are asking all our parents and guardians to fill out a survey.  We are seeking feedback about your experience from the past nine weeks and our remote learning process.  The below link will take you to a simple and quick survey.  Please take a couple minutes to provide feedback.  

OCS COVID-19 Remote Learning Survey

We have several Chromebook and MacBook devices which have not been turned in.  We need all devices collected from every student/family to prepare these devices for next year.   For those who do not return the devices, significant fees will be assigned and possibly legal consequences.  We will be individually following up with each family who has not returned a device via email, phone or personal home visit.   Thank you for your cooperation.  

As the days and weeks progress, how we will start next year will become clearer.  Our plan will be determined working with state and local health officials and will be communicated in a timely manner.  

Stay strong, Stay safe, Stay healthy,
Hal Gregory
OCS Superintendent


May 15, 2020
4:36 p.m. Email to parents  
Dear families, staff and community,

Next week is the final week of school for the 2019-2020 school year.  Next week, I will be putting out a parent survey asking for feedback on several items we will review and use in our future planning. I hope you will participate.  We all learned a great deal about our ability to implement online/remote learning on a grand scale and your feedback will help us improve even more.  

We have shifted our planning to next fall.  We expect state guidance soon on what will and will not be allowed for next year.  Whatever the final plan is, I can assure you new policies and procedures will be required and implemented, changing how we do school.  Things like distancing, masks, washing hands, hand sanitizer, temperature taking, frequent cleaning, and making smart decisions when we have a temperature, may all become commonplace.  OCS will have clear guidance on all of this prior to the start of the year.    

For those of you who are considering making some kind of district or school change next fall, and you are considering online/remote learning as part of your plan, please know, OCS has in place an on-line/remote digital academy.  This academy is used for select students have been enrolled for various specialized reasons over the past few years.  Before anyone makes a choice to leave our school district, please allow OCS the opportunity to share with you the pros and cons of the "OCS Digital Academy" and how it might benefit your student.  If you have questions please send an email to our OCS Hotline at [email protected]

Finally, I want to personally congratulate all the Clay HS Senior students and their families.  I am looking forward to your graduation photos and your virtual graduation.  We are proud of you and thank each of you for your contributions to Clay HS over the years.  Parents.....Congratulations.....You did it!!

Stay Safe, Stay Strong, Stay Healthy,
Hal Gregory


May 8, 2020
3:08 p.m. Email to parents  
OCS Families, Staff, and Community,

This week is Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week and many of you said thank you to our staff with your videos, pictures and messages.  I want to say how much OCS appreciates our parents and families who have worked very hard to navigate the home schooling process over the past few months with your children.  You did a great job!  Today is the last day for any new instruction.  Students have two more weeks to finish up assignments and activities before final marks are issued.  

We have received a few questions/concerns regarding the processing and mail delivery timelines for individual absentee ballots.  You can check to see if your personal ballot has been counted and processed by the board of elections at the following website:

I want to thank all the individuals and organizations who have raised funds and provided support to the Class of 2020 Seniors.  Our community has rallied on behalf of these students and hopefully made them all feel proud and special.  Clay HS Principal, Mr. Jim Jurski, will be releasing the final plans for the 2020 Graduation on Monday, May 11, 2020.  You have been very patient with us while we waited for all the state and local guidance to sort out and settle.  The final piece is to have our plan approved by the local health department which we are awaiting.  

What will school look like next fall?  In the coming weeks we are expecting general guidance to provide us parameters when planning for the beginning of the 20-21 school year.  OCS will be convening a task force to assist in the planning and problem solving of the anticipated restrictions which may be imposed.  We will keep you posted on updates as they become available.  

Kindergarten Registration is happening now.  Please see the attached documents for detailed information.  Please help spread the word.

Meals will continue to be provided every Monday until the end of the school year.  The last day OCS will provide meals will be Monday, May 18, 2020.  You can make a meal reservation by calling the OCS hotline at 419-608-6030 or emailing us at [email protected]

Previous OCS Communications can be found on our website at:

Stay strong, Stay safe, Stay healthy,
Hal Gregory
OCS Superintendent

May 1, 2020
11:40 a.m. Email to parents  
Happy Friday All,

Hard to believe it is May 1 today and only three weeks remain in this challenging school year.  Please pay extra attention to all emails and communications from your building Principals this week and the next few weeks.  There is going to be information you need to know about how each school plans to collect school materials (devices, instruments, books, other) and return student's personal belongings.  Essentially it will be an exchange at your vehicle.  

Teacher and staff appreciation week is next week, May 4-8.  Please take the time to recognize and thank a teacher, colleague, and/or support staff for all their hard work by sending an email, text, Facebook post or any other kind of positive recognition.  These men and women deserve it.  

Clay HS Graduation update will be provided to Clay parents and students today from Mr. Jurski.  Essentially, this week has been a flurry of information from our state and local departments providing guidance and suggestions on how to provide a graduation ceremony.  There is still some confusion about what is allowed and what is not allowed based on different local health department interpretations.  At this point, we are not prepared to provide any details on how we will hold graduation but what I can say,  it will not be in a large group setting with any kind of mass gathering.  The state put out guidance and we will be planning within this guidance and the direction of our local health department and agencies.  Thank you for your patience.  

Fees and Refunds:  Please contact our District Treasurer Jane Fruth at [email protected] with any questions.  

Spring Pay to Participate Fees:  All Spring sport Pay to Participate Fees will be refunded unless there are other outstanding unpaid balances.

Prom and A/P Exam Fees:  All Prom fees that were paid will be reimbursed back.  Any A/P Exam Fees for tests that were not taken will be reimbursed.

Lunch Balances on Graduating Senior Student Accounts:  District will first check to see if they have younger siblings whose lunch accounts remaining balance could be transferred into.  Lunch Balances not given to younger siblings will be refunded back to the family.

Lunch Balances left on K-11 Student Accounts:  Balances will be carried forward to next school year.  Refunds for Special Events such as field trips etc are being handled at the Building Level.

Kindergarten Registration is set to officially begin on this Monday, May 4, 2020.  Please see the attached documents for detailed information.  Please help spread the word.

Meals will continue to be provided every Monday until the end of the school year.  The last day OCS will provide meals will be Monday, May 18, 2020.  You can make a meal reservation by calling the OCS hotline at 419-608-6030 or emailing us at [email protected]

BGSU Academic Summer Enrichment Camp for students in grades 3 through 8:

Previous OCS Communications can be found on our website at:

Stay strong, Stay safe, Stay healthy,
Hal Gregory
OCS Superintendent


April 28, 2020
4:29 p.m. Email to parents  
OCS Families, Staff, and Community,

Looks like we are beginning to see some light at the end of the tunnel related to the State of Ohio reopening and having an idea what will come next.  What we don’t have any idea about what next school year will look like.  I am not jumping to any conclusions yet, and I recommend no one else should either.  

There continues to be uncertainty related to how schools will begin next year.  I want to remind all our staff, parents and families we are far away from knowing anything realistic about next fall.  There are a lot of ideas and rumors floating around based on a few of the comments from Governor DeWine about a possible blended learning scenario. Nothing has been finalized and it is way too early to panic, worry or be excited.  I personally have big doubts about any type of blended learning option working for many reasons, and so do many of my colleagues.  We will be ready no matter what the situation.  

Here are a few things we do know.  All new instruction for students will end Friday, May 8, 2020.  This does not mean the school year has ended.  The last official day of school is May 22, 2020.  We want to give all our students ample time to complete all their assignments and allow time for students to turn in late assignments and allow for personalized communication and help to those who need it the most in the final weeks of school.  OCS teaching staff will be working and available until the end of the school year.  

Building principals are working on plans to “bag up” student’s personal belongings from lockers and classrooms.  Schedules are being developed for staff to enter buildings and help with this process.  Additionally, pick-up and drop-off times will be scheduled for each school’s parents/students to pick up their personal belongings and hand-off devices and school materials.  Once this plan is finalized we will communicate these dates and times to our families and students.  

Kindergarten Registration is set to officially begin on May 4, 2020.  Please see the attached documents for detailed information.  Please help spread the word.

We still hope to provide plans on Clay HS graduation by this Friday, May 1, 2020.  But, if new information becomes available throughout the course of the week, we may delay final plans to allow for more time to provide the best possible graduation event and still provide safety and security to all involved.  Thank you to all senior students and their families for patience and understanding as we navigate the daily changes as Ohio begins to open up.  

Meals will continue to be provided every Monday until the end of the school year.  The last day OCS will provide meals will be May 18, 2020.  

Previous OCS Communications can be found on our website at:

Stay strong, Stay safe, Stay healthy, 
Hal Gregory
OCS Superintendent


April 24, 2020
3:51 p.m. Email to parents  
OCS Families and Staff,

As we enter the final weeks of the school year, you will begin to see plans for winding down the year.  We are currently organizing times for parents to pick up and drop off items at each school and determining which day new instruction will stop.  We do intend to stop new instruction prior to the last week of school.  Once finalized, we will release that date.  

Final grading for the quarter and semester is outlined in the attached document.         OCS Grading Plan End of Year 2020.pdf 

Essentially, OCS is operating under a two system grading plan.  

1.  For students in grades K-8, students will receive a final report card indicating whether a student passed or failed each subject.  
2.  For students in grades 9-12 (including 8th graders taking courses for credit), students will receive an A-F final mark at the end of the fourth quarter and second semester.

Graduation continues to be a daily discussion.  We have received guidance from the Ohio Department of Education.  This guidance is very helpful and will guide our final decision regarding the type of graduation ceremony we will hold for our Senior students and families.  We will have the final graduation plan by May 1, 2020.  ODE Guidance can be found here:

Just a reminder meals will continue to be available every Monday for the remainder of the school year.  As you know, meal reservations can be made by emailing us at [email protected] or calling our hotline at 419-698-6030.  

Finally, thank you to everyone who took the time to vote in the most recent primary election.  I want to personally thank our community for the overwhelming support throughout this unique period of time.  The school-community connections have never been stronger truly representing the phrase "we are all in this together."

Stay strong, stay safe and stay healthy!  Have a wonderful weekend!
Hal Gregory

April 20, 2020
6:18 p.m. Email to parents  
OCS Families,

Today, the Governor announced that all schools will remain closed due to COVID-19 and students will continue to be educated remotely through the end of the school year.  The last official day of school is Friday, May 22, 2020.  As we proceed into the final weeks and days of school, any changes which are implemented will be communicated to you in a timely manner. 

With the official closure of school buildings for the remainder of the year, we will now be able to make some final decisions on any remaining student activities and implement end of year procedures and item collections.  Look for updates in the near future.  

Stay Strong, Stay Safe, and Stay Healthy!
Hal Gregory


April 17, 2020
4:01 p.m. Email to parents  
OCS Families,

As we complete the fifth week of Ohio's mandatory COVID-19 school closure, OCS continues to plan and implement ways to make every student's learning situation relevant and beneficial.  There are five weeks left in our official school year.  Our last day is officially May 22, 2020.  Please continue to push forward and encourage your children to stay on task, complete assignments and activities to the best of their (and your) abilities while staying healthy.  We are half way home to summer break!

Today, Governor Mike DeWine mentioned he is speaking to some Superintendents over the weekend and will make an announcement whether to close schools the rest of the year or return early next week.  All signs point to keeping schools closed the rest of the year and OCS leadership is planning accordingly.  Of course, if students are able to return, OCS will be open and ready to go.

OCS will continue to provide meals throughout the duration of the school closure.  Our meal program has increased weekly from 678 to 5,000 to 7,000 to 8,000 to 8,500 last Monday.  To date, we have served 14,589 lunches and 14,589 breakfasts for a total of 29,178 meals.  You can make a meal reservation by calling our hotline at 419-698-6030 or emailing us at e[email protected].  

Finally, however the school year ends, this year will be remembered for flexibility, frustration, uncertainty, on-line learning and video chats.  We have all been on a steep learning curve.  A continued THANK YOU to all teachers, parents and care givers who are working hard and doing your best to help our students learn.  We are all in this together!

Stay Strong, Stay Safe, and Stay Healthy!
Hal Gregory

April 13, 2020
3:22 p.m. Email to parents  
OCS Families,

The past month has challenged all of us to be the "best versions of ourselves" and I have certainly seen a lot of support and positivity from our community and staff members.  I applaud everyone for the efforts you have made, not only in our communities, but in the State of Ohio.  We are honoring the health mandates and doing the right things.  We are all in this together!  Thank you. 

Tomorrow, Tuesday, April 14, school will officially resume after our scheduled spring break.  Our educational leadership team working with our teaching staff developing enhance internal guidance to bring more consistency to our online education and student/parent communications.  We hope to make the current learning experience even more productive and beneficial to all.  Parents, please continue doing your part supporting your children's education and encouraging them to do their best completing lessons and activities.  This two-way commitment between school personnel and parents has never been more important.  Thank you.

There is still time to vote.  Voting for the March Primary election has been extended through April 28, 2020.  Please exercise your right to vote through the absentee ballot process on behalf of OCS.  You can find information at

Finally, there continues to be uncertainty related to the length of the mandated school closure.  Everyday, I get asked my opinion on school closing for the rest of the year.  Of course I have no way of knowing for certain what will happen in the future, but either way, I will assure you we are ready for a continued closure through the end of the year, or a return to school in May based on the current mandate.  We were able to initially prepare for the closure in less than 48 hours and we will be able to prepare for students to return in the same amount of time.  Just like riding a bicycle.  We have all become accustomed to making quick decisions and jumping into action. Please watch for district and school emails providing additional information about specifics moving forward.  

Remember, for meal reservations or general questions, you can call our hotline at 419-698-6030 or email us at [email protected].  

Stay strong, stay safe and stay healthy!
Hal Gregory
OCS Superintendent

April 2, 2020
5:24 p.m. Email to parents  

OCS Families,

On behalf of OCS, I want to wish everyone a safe and restful spring break.  Spring Break officially starts next Monday, April 6, 2020 and goes to Tuesday, April 14, 2020.  During this scheduled break, teachers are not required to provide instruction to students and students are not required to complete school work.  With that said, I hope students and teachers can take this week to catch up on school work or anything necessary and take a much needed "breather" from all the tension and change going on in our lives.  Of course the number one thing is to stay safe and healthy.

When we officially return from break, teachers will resume their instruction and communications with you.  We have learned a lot over this past three weeks, what works and what doesn't work.  OCS leadership, along with teaching staff, have worked very hard to develop better processes and tools so students and families have less frustration and confusion moving forward.  We know there will continue to be obstacles and unanticipated learning situations which come up and our OCS team will work hard to address them in a timely manner, so I ask all of us to remain flexible and understanding.

Finally, I thank and praise all the parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, and friends who are trying their best helping children process this new type of learning and school engagement.  We know it is hard, but hopefully a small bit rewarding. 

Stay strong, stay safe, and stay healthy!
Hal Gregory
OCS Superintendent 


March 31, 2020
9:56 a.m. Email to parents  
OCS Families,

Yesterday, as expected, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine extended the school closure through May, 1, 2020.  OCS will continue to serve the educational needs of our students through various methods similar to what we are doing now.  Please continue to encourage your children to put forth their best efforts given your individual family circumstance.  We fully expect to provide credit to students in high school for the work students are doing and do everything we can to not have anyone fall behind, but students need to put forth effort to earn that credit.  Communication is key to everyone's success PreK-12.  

OCS and the food service department will continue to provide meals each Monday during the duration of this mandated closure.  We have provided over 12,000 meals already in the past few weeks and around 6000 meals each Monday.  For a meal reservation please email us at [email protected] or call our hotline at 419-698-6030.  

I know there are still many unanswered questions like how we intend to handle graduation and the Washington DC trip to name a few.  It is our full intention to honor our senior students through a graduation ceremony of some kind.  It is our hope we can proceed as scheduled using the Seagate Center on May 31, 2020.  We also understand this may not be an option if the current health mandates still exist.  We will continue to keep you posted as circumstances change for all scheduled events.  

Best wishes to all our families and please stay safe!  
Hal Gregory


March 25, 2020
4:18 p.m. Email to parents  
OCS Families,

Thank you to everyone in our OCS Community who have stepped up to help and assist others in need.  People are supporting each other like never before, even with the physical distancing mandate in place.  I also want to thank all our OCS employees who continue to prepare and provide food, watch over our buildings, teach our students, and lead our staff through this unique time.  

Every day at 2:00pm, Governor Mike DeWine holds a press conference updating the state on new mandates, statistics and updates.  As of today, the mandatory school closure date has not yet been extended.   If nothing changes, students will return to school on Tuesday, April 14, 2020 after our scheduled spring break.  With that said, it is my opinion the school closure date may be extended. Today, the Governor mentioned he expects the Ohio COVID-19 virus to peak at the beginning of May so common sense says schools would not be in session during the peak of the virus.  If and when an announcement is made, please know OCS is prepared to continue the educational process and following all guidance and mandates that come our way. 

As you know, we have a levy on the June 2 ballot.  Today, the state legislature voted to provide all registered voters an absentee ballot to vote by mail through April 28.  Please look for a post card from the Lucas County Board of Elections outlining the process to obtain an absentee ballot.  PLEASE exercise your right to vote by mail on behalf of OCS prior to April 28, 2020.  

In addition, the state legislature voted to waive state testing and report card requirements for the 19-20 school year and to freeze the list of voucher-eligible school buildings rather than letting it expand to more than 1,200 next Wednesday.  OCS will be evaluating how these decisions impact our senior students and all HS students moving forward.

Meals will be served again next Monday, March 30, 2020 at Starr Elementary.  If you already received meals you are on our list and do not need to make a reservation.  If you have not received any meals yet, and would like too, please email us at [email protected] or call our hotline at 419-698-6030.  

Thank you and stay safe!
Hal Gregory

March 22, 2020
3:26 p.m. Email to parents  

OCS Families,

The Governor has issued a state wide order to have everyone stay at home.  OCS employees are observing this order.  But, meals will continue to be distributed.  

Just a reminder that “grab and go” meals (breakfast/lunch) are available for students tomorrow, Monday, March 23, 2020 from 10am to noon at Starr Elementary School.  We are working off reservations which many have already done.  You will receive meals for the entire week allowing us to only distribute meals one time per week for the safety of our employees and for our families.  

Meal reservations will be taken until 8am tomorrow morning, Monday.  You can call the OCS Hotline at 419-698-6030 or email at [email protected].

OCS is committed to supporting our community during this time of crisis.  If there are any other general needs or questions you have please contact us on the same hotline or email and we will do what we can to help.  We will monitor these lines at all times.  

Please comply with all mandates and orders from the State of Ohio.  We will all be better off if everyone fulfills their part. 
Thank you.
Hal Gregory

March 20, 2020
3:39 p.m. Email to parents  
OCS Families,

Entering the weekend there are not many new mandates or changes to our educational structure.  The Governor mentioned, once again, the real possibility of a prolonged school closure.  OCS continues to review our current instructional practices and brainstorm ways to make our system better for students, teachers, and families moving forward.  There are so many individual situations and juggling all of these are a challenge for everyone.  Flexibility and understanding are key to the success of our educational program.  

I would ask all our parents to support our teachers by encouraging your children to work on their assignments and activities as best they can, particularly high school students.  High school students are the most vulnerable to not attempt or complete their assignments without parent nudging and the expectation of doing so.  I know as a father, my direct involvement at the high school level was much less than when my kids were in the lower grades.  Involvement is more important now than ever.  We do expect students to complete work and put a good faith effort into it.  

Thank you to all who have posted and shared the positive occurring in our community.  Have a great weekend!

Hal Gregory


March 19, 2020
12:22 p.m. Email to parents  
OCS Families,

All school buildings, school offices and central office will be closed to the public and most OCS employees until further notice.  I have instructed our Leadership team and various support staff to begin working from home starting Monday, March 23, 2020.  Please stop your calls to school offices moving forward.  Email is the best way to reach any specific individual including your building principal, teacher or director.  

Technology/device repairs will only happen on Mondays by appointment only.  Repair appointments should be scheduled by emailing [email protected]

Although there are not many, any student device that has not been picked up, can ONLY be picked up on Monday's between 9-1pm at Fassett JH Library.  

Finally, the OCS Hotline is available for you to call or email at anytime with questions or needs you have.  The Hotline is 419-698-6030 or email at [email protected].  You can use these lines for general questions or food requests.  We are monitoring these lines on a regular basis.  Keep in mind evening calls or emails may not be returned until the following morning. 

Stay Safe everyone!

Hal Gregory
OCS Superintendent 


March 18, 2020
6:17 p.m. Email to parents  
OCS Families,

On behalf of our entire OCS teaching staff and school leaders, DON'T PANIC about your children(s) school work or not being able to help them right away or assignment completion timelines.  We know many families are dealing with heavy issues like losing jobs, finding food, and uncertainty.  School is important, but we all must use common sense and OCS understands reality.   

Between the end of last week and beginning of this week, our 270 teachers sent many emails and work assignments/activities out to you with the goal of keeping education running during this unique time in our history.  It is a lot to digest for all of us.  Rightly so, some students, parents, grandparents, and families are overwhelmed with the amount of work expected and it is already increasing anxiety within families.  I am telling you, we are all in this together and as a family, make decisions about the amount of school work you can do on any given day based on your family and job dynamics.  We understand the completion of school work will vary per student based on unique family supports and circumstances.  All we ask is students give the work their best effort and all will be fine.  

OCS is focused on feedback to students, not grading during these initial three weeks.  I want to reassure you our teachers and leaders will be flexible.  We are already in the planning phase for a more systematic "roll out" of assignments and activities if/when there are more days added to this school closure.  DON"T PANIC!

Hal Gregory
OCS Superintendent

March 18, 2020
5:27 p.m. Email to parents  

OCS Families,

We are all going through emotional and trying times as the COVID-19 Pandemic causes us to change our daily lives in ways we never imagined.  Public schools everywhere are playing a major role supporting the education of our children, but also supplying food to our most needy.  Both are critical to our students and community to cope with all this overwhelming change in lifestyle and economics.  

Oregon City Schools is providing food for our students.  We have a plan in place to provide food (breakfast & lunch).  As the days move on, our plan may change to meet the needs our students, but as of today here is the plan:

1.  To receive food for tomorrow and Friday you must call our hotline at 419-698-6030 or email at [email protected] to schedule food pick up at Clay High School.   All food is free to our students.  

2.  On Mondays only (as of now), food will be distributed at Starr Elementary from 10:00am to 12:00pm. Starr Elementary is located at 3230 Starr Ave., Oregon.  Time may be extended due to volume.  To help us out, please call the hotline or email (listed above) and let us know how many "grab and go" meals you will need.  We are very unsure about the numbers on Monday so as many reservations we can get upfront will help.  Anyone who comes on Monday will receive enough breakfast & lunch meals for the entire week or five days.  We will not turn any student/family away.  

This week so far, we have provided 766 meals to 125 students and two days to go.  Our food service department is awesome!  Thank you Vicki Laurell, Dean Sandwisch and all the OCS proud cooks who are working their tail off to make this all happen.  


OCS Family Tragedy.  Yesterday morning, Sheri Walters, long time OCS and Eisenhower teacher was killed in a car accident.  We are all stunned and saddened by her passing.  Mrs. Walters touched many many students lives throughout the years and will always be remembered for her love of teaching and students.  She was a friend to many and someone who dedicated herself to the teaching profession.  Please keep Mrs. Walters family in your thoughts.  

Please watch for additional updates in coming days and remember, if you don't know where to go to ask a question please call the hotline at 419-698-6030 or email at [email protected] and I promise we will respond in a timely manner to your outreach.  

Hal Gregory
OCS Superintendent

March 17, 2020
3:22 p.m. Email to parents  

OCS Families,

Here are some options for free and reduced Wi-Fi.  You can also find this information and more technology related information on the OCS website at:


  • AT&T - consumer home internet wireline & Fixed Wireless - unlimited internet data & will continue to offer internet access for qualifying limited income households at $10 a month through the Access from AT&T program. 
  • BuckeyeBroadband - Buckeye Broadband is currently working with local schools to provide a lifeline internet speed to students who are now homebound and unable to receive classroom lessons.  This service is being offered to low income families, or families that require government assistance, and do not currently have internet in the home. In this case, Buckeye Broadband will provide an internet connection at no charge. By completing this form, you are ensuring that you meet these qualifications. Once this has been verified, you will receive more information on how to proceed. The parent or guardian in the household (must be 18 years or older) must be the point of contact for this process.
  • Spectrum -  Charter (parent company to Spectrum) is offering free access to Spectrum Broadband and Wi-Fi for 60 days for new K-12 and college student households and more.
  • Turning Your Cell Phone Into a WiFi access point
      • The steps depend on the manufacturer of your phone, version of Android, and your carrier.  You will want to check online for instructions specific to these things.
    • NOTE - Data rates apply.  If you are not on unlimited data, please check with your carrier to inquire how this may affect you.


March 16, 2020
8:52 p.m. Email to parents  

OCS Community, 

Looks like the election will be on for tomorrow as planned.  Issue 4 is critical to our community and students.  OCS is working hard supporting our students and families in this time of crisis.  Please exercise your right to vote - OCS Levy!   #voteOCSIssue4

Thank you!

5:26 p.m. Email to parents  

OCS Community,
Today, the district leadership team met and continued planning for the next three weeks and beyond as our students and faculty work from home.  This whole situation calls for daily flexibility and short term planning.  We are purposefully not planning for the long term given the daily changes in mandates and expectations from the State of Ohio and Lucas County Health Department.  For the next three weeks, here is what we anticipate:

  1. Teachers are expected to have regular communication with parents and/or students, which ever is appropriate.  There are many different methods our staff will use to communicate and by now most parents are aware how their teacher(s) two-way communication will occur.  We are asking parents not to expect communication at all hours of the day but to expect it during the typical school hours.  Our teachers are committed to your children!
  2. We have decided for now, all computer repairs will occur by appointment rather than regular hours.  This allows for our staff to stay safe but also to support the needs of our students.  For any device repair request please email [email protected] and a technician will schedule an appointment with you.  If you have not received your students device because you child was absent last Friday, you can go to your child's school any day this week between the hours of 9am and 1pm.  Each school office will be open and able to assist you.  
  3. For the next three weeks, teachers will provide feedback to students as appropriate and record all submitted school work and activities.  We will ensure there is appropriate record keeping to honor the effort and energy students are applying towards their lessons.  For the remainder of these three weeks, work will be recorded and may be individually graded by teachers for feedback, but we have not developed a grading formula to commonly apply at any grade level or course.  The work students do will count.  It is important.  We need more time to ensure a sound plan for grading is developed and meets the needs of all our students.  
  4. Food distribution has begun and will continue based on the needs of our students and families.  We provided some meals today to local families.  Moving forward, families need to either contact us directly at 419-698-6030 or email at [email protected] or beginning next Monday, go to Starr Elementary between the hours of 10am to noon and receive a full weeks worth of "Grab and Go" breakfast and lunch meals for their children. 

We intend to repeat each Monday until further notice.  See Flyer:         OCS Emergency Food Plan revised 7.pdf 

Watch for regular updates.
Stay Safe!
OCS Leadership

March 15, 2020
6:23 p.m. Email to parents

OCS Families,

There are questions related to the access, use, and repair of student devices our students have.  Tomorrow morning, our leadership team is meeting to put together some additional procedures on how we will distribute additional devices and many other instructional procedures.  There will be no student devices distributed tomorrow, Monday, March 16 but hope to have them available on Tuesday.  We need a day to finalize our procedures and plans.  Please be on the look out for an email tomorrow afternoon/evening outlining updated device information and additional information regarding the instructional process moving forward.  

We do have a website specifically for student devices at  If you have any usage or repair issues send an email to [email protected].  We have technicians monitoring this email throughout each school day who can help you.    

Again, we appreciate you patience and flexibility as we ban together to educate our students.  

March 13, 2020
4:13 p.m. Email to parents  

OCS Community,

One final email for the day.  On behalf of Oregon City Schools, thank you for your flexibility and understanding as we all navigate through this COVIS-19 pandemic.  

There continues to be many questions which require an answer but we do not have enough information yet to give you an answer.  In the coming days and weeks we will be addressing questions involving planned field trips, payments, prom, graduation, extended year, communications, athletics, and tech support to name just a few.  Please be patient with us.  

If you have any questions or a special need you cannot find an answer to, please call our Help Line at 419-698-6030.  We will be monitoring this every day.  We want to ensure OCS plays a role in supporting our students while they are not in school.

Again, thank you for your continued support.  Remember, OCS has a levy on the ballot next Tuesday, March 17, 2020.  Please exercise your right to vote! It is very important for our community!  

Thank you!  Go Eagles!

12:04 p.m. Email to parents 

Dear OCS Parents, 

Drescher and Associates Clinical Services (DACS) is committed to ensuring continuity of care for the families we serve in Oregon City Schools. We will be utilizing HIPAA compliant Telehealth sessions and we will be scheduling appointments to take place at our Toledo office for the time that the schools are closed. We will also accept new referrals as needed to ensure we are meeting the needs of the school district. We ask that you take care of yourself and your families during this time and please do not hesitate to cancel appointments if you or your children are sick. We will do our best to accommodate any and all requests for services during this time. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us at 567-218-0185.


Aimee Drescher and the DACS team

12:04 p.m. Email to parents 
OCS Emergency Hotline

OCS will be monitoring a hotline and email for anyone who may need assistance related to student meals or general questions you cannot find an answer to during this extended school closure.    Thank you and stay safe!

Hotline:  419-698-6030

Email:  [email protected]

10:44 a.m. Email to parents

OCS Community,

Due to COVID-19, all schools will be closed to the public with all public scheduled events either cancelled or relocated off school sites for the next three weeks.  Based on information we receive from the State of Ohio and Health Department will determine when our schools will reopen for public use.  

I want to thank all the organization leaders who have worked with us and remained flexible during this unique time in our history.  We have awesome community leaders.


10:33 a.m. Email to parents

OCS Community,

  1. Beginning today, the following parameters will apply to district athletics both for Clay HS and Fassett JH.  
  2. Sports team practices will continue but only outside and will not be made mandatory for athletes.  No practices, meetings or gatherings will occur in any of our school indoor facilities.
  3. All athletic scrimmages and games for at least the next three weeks are cancelled. 
    If at anytime the OHSAA or State of Ohio make additional recommendations, OCS will review these parameters and make adjustments.

Oregon City Schools

March 12, 2020
7:00 p.m. Email to parents

OCS Community,

Wow, what a week.  Everything we are experiencing is unprecedented and comes with a lot of anxiety and frustration.  Oregon City Schools will be closed starting Monday, March 16, 2020 as a result of the Ohio Governor’s announcement today to close all schools for three weeks beginning next week.  Oregon Schools will adhere to the following schedule.

Tomorrow, Friday, March 13, 2020 - Oregon City Schools will be open as scheduled.  This will allow students to gather personal belongings and for our school district to send home a Chromebook with each student at all grade levels who do not already have an assigned Chromebook.

Monday, March 16, 2020 to Friday, April 3, 2020 - Oregon City Schools will be closed for all students.  

Monday, April 6, 2020 to April 10, 2020 - No school due to scheduled spring break for all students.

Monday, April 14, 2020 - All students will return to school as of now. 

Thank you to all parents, community members and health care providers for helping keep our community safe.  The future will be very challenging and we need your support more now than ever.  

We will continue to provide you communications as our local and state situations change.  

Go Eagles and stay safe!
Hal Gregory, Superintendent


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