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Clay High School Career Tech Programs

Rebecca Bihn
Director, Career &
Technology Education 
693-0668 ext. 2026




Clay High School is proud to offer the following Career & Technology Programs

Click on any of the following program links to get more information:

Automotive Technologies


Electrical & Industrial Engineering

Engineering Drafting & Design

Environmental & Agricultural Technologies

Integrated Machining & Engineering

Marketing Education

Medical Technologies

Programming & Computer Simulation

Visual Communications


Career & Technology Education (CTE)

Why CTE is Important - "An Open Letter to Parents"  

The Oregon School District offers every student a comprehensive education.  This gives students a unique opportunity whereby they may choose from many career paths, WITHOUT LEAVING THE SCHOOL DISTRICT! These career pathways allow for skilled employment immediately out of High School to all areas of post-secondary education, including apprenticeship and Associate through Baccalaureate and Masters Degree.

Ohio law states that every student must have access to Career-Technical Education.  It may be provided by bussing to a Career Center / Joint Vocational School District (JVSD), or by providing programs in a comprehensive setting locally.

In 1975, the Oregon community voted to build an addition on the campus of Clay High School in order to provide career and technical education to any student without traveling outside their home community.   Today we have 12 programs in 8 career fields!  The complete list of programs is listed below with links for further information.

Today, over 50% of our juniors and seniors are taking advantage of our comprehensive offerings.  Most are taking advantage of the college credit offered while attending Career Technical programs at Clay High School.

Rigor, Relevance and Relationships are the guidelines for career technical programs.

Rigorous academics are expected from all Clay High School Career-Technical students.  Career – Technical programs follow the Ohio Core.  Four credits each in Math, Language Arts, and Science are expected in Career-Technical Program schedules.

All Career-Technical Programs are relevant to the industry today and poised for the future.

Relationships are created between local businesses and our programs through active advisory committees and student placement in cooperating employer locations whenever possible..

In addition to a quality education for all students, Oregon taxpayers and students benefit from our comprehensive system: Taxpayers do NOT pay the 3.2 mills for Career-Technical education at the closest Career Center.

Students at Clay High School may participate in ALL extracurricular activities during the day as well as after school.

  • Tax payers do not pay for additional bus transportation to get students to the local Career Center
  • Students learn to work with and get along with other students pursuing a wide variety of career goals.
  • Advanced Academics (Honors /Advanced Placement) are available to all students –INCLUDING Career Tech students!.
  • Funding generated by Career-Technical education also benefits all students, by generating weighted dollars in state aid. 
  • As a service to the community, EMT and CPR programming is provided at no impact on the general fund.  All adult programs are self-sustaining, through tuition, grants and contracts.
  • Students learn customer service skills in all Career-Technical programs.  These programs are Environmental & Agricultural Technologies, Automotive Technologies, Cosmetology, Culinary Arts, Engineering Design & Development, Electrical and Industrial Engineering, Integrated Machining & Engineering, Medical Technologies, VCOM, Programming and Computer Simulations, Hospitality Services and Marketing.
  • Young people continue to enjoy personal relationships with friends and teachers that may be disrupted if they are required to be bused to another district.
  • Area employer’s gain well-trained employees.
  • Students gain college credit at no cost to the parents!

Career-Technical Education has been and continues to be a great investment for the Oregon City Schools!

Career Tech Credit Transfer Information (CT)2