Classroom Assessments

Formative and summative assessments are used in all Oregon City Schools classrooms.  Formative assessments (assessment for learning) provide direction for improvement for the student and adjustment of instruction for the teacher.  Examples of formative assessments include quizzes, academic practice assignments, class discussions, and other learning tasks.  Formative assessment scores are not used to determine final grades, but do provide information to the student and teacher about what the student is able to do.

Summative assessments (assessment of learning) provide information that is used to make judgments about student achievement at the end of a sequence of instruction.  Examples of these include final drafts, tests, projects, and other assessment tasks.  Summative assessment scores are used to determine final grades.

Formal formative assessments currently used in OCS classrooms include STAR Early Literacy, Reading and Math assessments, the Developmental Reading Assessment, 2nd edition, and the Stanford 10 Achievement Test.

Most summative assessments used in Oregon City Schools are provided by publishers or are teacher-developed.

Mandated State Assessments

Grade                 Subject/Test
3   Reading Ohio State Test (November/April) , Math Ohio State Test (April/May)
4   Reading and Math Ohio State Test (April/May)
5   Reading, Math, and Science Ohio State Test (April/May)
6   Reading and Math Ohio State Test (April/May)
7   Reading and Math Ohio State Test (April/May)
8   Reading, Math, and Science Ohio State Test (April/May)
11   ACT Test (February/March)
HS   English Language Arts I and II, Algebra I, Geometry, Integrated Mathematics I and II, Biology or Physical Science (class of 2018 only), American History and American Government. (December/April/May)
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